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About Me

I discovered my Gift at the age of 14 when my Mum passed away, she came back to me giving me lots of signs.

She would stand on the stairs so I could see her, I would see massive balls of orange light (energy) that would shoot across the sky towards my bedroom window (which was love, she was sending me) I would hear my mums slippers walking up the stairs constantly & stop at my bedroom door, cold air being blown on my face & ear (this was my Mum kissing me) & the list goes on.

My Dad contacted a Psychic called Mr Reins who took me to a Spiritualist Church in Salford, to progress my gift.

When my Brother (Mark Alan Barrington) passed away at the age of  17, he came back as himself very mischievous! 

He loves to turn lights on, hides things

& he does lots of other things to make his presence known to me.

My Dad (Alan Barrington) passed away 2019 & of course he also makes his presence known. 

He changes his face on a picture I have to lots of other different faces of people that I know, moved the blind in my living room & sometimes bangs on the worktop in the kitchen but nothing moves on it, it’s like it is within the wood of the worktop but everything is energy!

Spirit are so amazing! I am honoured to serve them & be a voice for them.

I am also honoured to have my Mum, as one of my 3 Spirit Guides.

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